Enjoy the exquisite Swimming Pool Deal

Enjoy the exquisite Swimming Pool Deal

Searching for a pool day pass? The best swimming pool access offers in Lokoja have been personally tested and reviewed by our concierge team in order to guarantee the best possible experience for our members. infinity pools, pools with meal or bar access are instantly available with our pool pass offers. Each of our offers goes above and beyond, giving you much more than just swimming pool access.  We offer stunning sights, impeccable service, and above all, true privacy.

Make it a stay out for the entire family with Saatof 3 star swimming pool access, boasting the perfect balance between holistic well being and vibrant energy.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at Saatof hotel swimming pool arena, looking to have a pool party with lunch or brunch? Our combined brunch and pool access offers will be perfect for you.


Standard Day Pass Rates;

Our pool is offered at N800.00 only per walk in guest daily. But for all our lodged in guest at the hotel, our pool is offered as a complimentary package meaning access will be totally free for their period of stay.

Contact front office on (+234) 07066250282 or email info@saatofhotels.com